Shutter Magnet

Types of shutter magnets.

A Shutter magnets provide a means for keeping your shutter panels closed and secure.  Shutter magnets are available in many  styles and colors.  Shutter Magnets can may be purchased from ShutterMedic.com here.

Shutter magnet construction.

Shutter magnets consist of basically two parts. The shutter magnet, and a strike plate.  In addition, you should receive two Pan Head screws to mount the shutter magnet, and one Flat Head screw for mounting the strike plate.

A shutter magnet is contained in a plastic case that provides a means for attaching it to your window sill or shutter frame.  Pan Head screws are used to attach your shutter magnet utilizing the elongated holes on either end of the magnet casing. These holes allow for minor back and forth adjustment of your shutter magnet position after it is installed.

Strike plate.

A strike plate is a square piece of metal that is attached to your shutter which keeps your panel closed when it comes in contact with the shutter magnet.  It has a screw hole located top/center used for attaching it to your panel. Note that the hole is tapered on one side. This allows the top surface of the Flat Head screw to sit flush with the strike plate once installed.  Strike plates are offered in a few different finishes that will help them blend into the shutter, or match your existing shutter hardware.


A shutter magnet with brown plastic casing usually comes with a bronze strike plate with matching bronze screws. A shutter magnets with white plastic casing can be purchased with either brass, white, or silver strike plates and matching screws.

Types of shutter magnets

A Shutter magnet comes in 4 different strengths.  The most common shutter magnets are listed by Pull Weights of 8, 12, 13, and 25 lbs.


Larger shutters require a stronger shutter magnet. The 13 lb. shutter magnet is the most popular shutter magnet used by most installers.


If you are attaching a shutter magnet to a window sills that is bull nosed, it may be necessary to utilize a shutter magnet that extends to engage strike plate.


Installing a shutter magnet.


A shutter magnet is normally attached to a window sill, and or the shutter frame.


For single panels, install two magnets approximately four inches below and above the upper and lower corners of the unhinged side of frame.


For two panels, install either two single or one double shutter magnet to the upper section of frame.  It may be necessary for panel stability to also do the same for the bottom of the shutter panel.  These would be attached to the shutter frame, or the window sill if no frame is present.


For bi-folded shutter panel, it may be necessary to iinstall additional shutter magnets.  Even thought the center panels are secured by the shutter magnets, sometimes the outboard panels have a tendency to bow out. A single shutter magnet installed adjacent to outboard stile of every other shutter panel will prevent them from bowing.

Installing strike plate.

Looking at the strike plate  you will notice two dimples each adjacent to the screw hole.  These dimples will allow you to accurately install the plate.


After installing the shutter magnet with the two pan head screws, place the strike plate on the magnet with the dimples facing the shutter panel.


Close the shutter panel and push it into the strike plate.  Open the shutter.  You should now see two dimples on the shutter stile.  Place the strike plate on the stile until the dimples on the plate line up with those on the stile adn secure the plate to the stile.


We sincerely hope this information helps you with your shutter magnet installation.




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